Supreme NoFrost


Supreme NoFrost

The innovative NoFrost technology ensures the perfect storage temperature is maintained, in all of your appliance's compartments, providing perfect preservation, with no need to defrost.

Fresh Control

FreshControl technology ensures constant, ideal humidity levels, keeping your food fresh for up to 6 times longer*.

* Based on internal food tests conducted by Whirlpool, comparing a Whirlpool fridge-freezer with Fresh Control technology to a Whirlpool fridge-freezer with single evaporator Total NoFrost technology.


Ideal for meat and fish. The Activ0° compartment has a unique design that preserves meat and fish at 0°C, maintaining their texture, taste and nutritional values intact.

6TH Sense Live

6TH SENSE Live provides ideal control, allowing you to effortlessly access your appliance remotely, via your mobile device, and check settings, temperature and more.

Freeze Control

Freeze Control technology effectively protects your frozen food, reducing freeze burns by 50%*, thanks to its innovative reduced temperature fluctuation system.

* Based on results of SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, an independent institute, comparing a Whirlpool fridge-freezer with Freeze Control technology to a Whirlpool fridge-freezer without Freeze Control technology.